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Adult Psychiatry, Pain Management, & Addiction Treatment You Can Rely On

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Our Mission

To assist our communities in improving outcomes in psychiatric disorders and pain management while fighting the opioid epidemic, and to help our patients live a better and more fulfilling life with individualized, comprehensive, evidence-based treatment in a caring, compassionate, and safe environment.

Our Story

At The Care Clinic, we provide our patients with up-to-date, evidence-based practices along with some of the most experienced and dedicated healthcare professionals in the field. From psychiatry to pain management, and addiction medicine, our personalized services allow us to cater to your individual needs.

Our Mission

Empowering Minds, Enriching Lives: Pioneering the Future of Mental Health Care with Innovation and Excellence.

We envision a world where mental wellness is prioritized, stigma is eradicated, and innovative practices set the standard for excellence, transforming lives one mind at a time.

Our Story

Established as a community-centric medical and psychiatric practice, The Care Clinic is committed to providing a broad spectrum of services to adults aged 18 years and older, grappling with mental health, chronic pain, and substance abuse issues.

Our inspiration to establish a practice that employs evidence-based medicine stems from our profound understanding and recognition of each individual’s unique needs pertaining to their specific conditions. We are dedicated to treating the ‘whole patient’ with a team of highly skilled and empathetic professionals, aiming to significantly improve mental health outcomes nationwide.

Over time, The Care Clinic has evolved into a comprehensive outpatient practice, renowned for its quality. Our multidisciplinary team of highly skilled and compassionate professionals offer a diverse range of specialized mental health services, tailored to meet the individual needs of our patients.

We warmly welcome you to our practice and look forward to meeting you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Adult Psychiatry, Pain Management, & Addiction You Can Rely On

  1.  Our medical director and supervising doctor is a triple board certified physician who has trained at one of the top institutions in the world – Cleveland Clinic. To obtain a board certification a physician must: (1) complete an additional fellowship training in the individual area of specialization, and (2) pass a rigorous oral and written exam in each individual specialization. Dr. Arora has obtained three board certifications and has extensive experience in Adult Psychiatry, Pain Management, and Addiction Medicine.
  2. All of our providers are board certified in psychiatry and are hand-selected by Dr. Arora after an extensive selection process. He personally trains all of the providers/physicians at our clinic and works hand-in-hand with them in your care.
  3. At The Care Clinic you do not get one provider to see and treat you. You get a whole team of providers who put together their expertise to make sure that you feel your best and are receiving top notch care! The same dedicated care team will follow you through the length of your treatment.
  4. We treat the entire patient. This means we strive to provide you the most comprehensive treatment with experts in the field. By treating your behavioral and mood symptoms along with any co-occuring symptoms, including addiction or pain, we find that our patients have the best chances for success. Mental health care goes beyond a single treatment modality, and it requires qualified and caring physicians to take you there.
  5. We have a friendly staff and a warm environment.
  6. We strive to see you at your scheduled appointment time.
  7. We are available via phone, text, and email and you will be guaranteed a reply back.
  8. See for yourself – check out our reviews on Facebook and Google!

Yes, we do. In fact, we treat the whole patient with a focus on ADHD, addiction, and pain. Psychiatric disorders often co-exist with these conditions and this is an integral part of our treatment.

Yes we do. But this will vary by location as each state has specific laws and regulations regarding the medical necessity of Subutex. You would only be a candidate if you fall within those guidelines and your provider determines that the medication is medically indicated for you. One size does not fit all.

Yes, we do, but we only prescribe medications that are safe and effective. We do not prescribe any opioids, including, but not limited to, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Codiene, Vicodin, Percocet, Fentanyl, Dialudid, etc.

The only partial opioid we do prescribe for pain, which has shown to be quite effective for the right patient and safer, is Buprenorphine (Generic). This is sold as Suboxone, Subutex, Butrans, Belbuca, etc.

Other effective, safe, and non-addictive treatments for pain, which we do prescribe and advocate for, are physical therapy and occupational therapy (PT/OT), CBT, interventional pain procedures (only at select locations), and non-opioid medications like Gabapentin (Neurontin), Lyrica (Pregabalin), TCAs (e,g. Elavil), SNRIs (e.g. Savella, Pristiq, Effexor), etc.

We also now offer Ketamine Infusions to manage your pain. Please visit our Ketamine Clinic for further information:

Children: No, we only treat adults ages 18 and up.

Pregnant Women: Yes, and we will work with your OB/GYN to coordinate the care.

This will depend on the state regulations and laws.

Some states require regular in person visits, while others can be done entirely through telemedicine using your phone, tablet, or computer. Please call us to find out more.

Additionally, due to the curent COVID emergency order, we are now permitted to manage many more patients than before (depending on your state), allowing us to provide care in the comfort of your own home.

Yes, we do! Please see our list of plans we accept here:

Out Of Network Payment Policy:
Our fees are, on average, $150-200. This fee can vary, so please speak with one our care coordinators. Upon request, we can provide you with a superbill/receipt to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement of your visit fee.

We accept all major credit cards.

You may also pay online (see *PAYMENTS* tab).

We can provide you with a billing statement (i.e., “superbill”) with the CPT codes after your visit so you can contact your insurance provider and check whether they’ll reimburse you for your visit with us. Many PPO plans reimburse a portion of the cost after you’ve met your deductible. We require payment at the time of treatment. We also offer interest-free financing.

Refund Policy:
No refunds. Please see our payment and refund policy here:

We take your health and privacy very seriously. As such, we follow strict guidelines regarding your personal privacy while following HIPAA privacy laws. Our legal team works very hard to ensure we are always up-to-date with both our technology and your privacy. Additionally, your records are stored in a secure encrypted server; we cannot release any information without your express written consent.

If you have any concerns, please call us to find out more.

The manufacturers often provide discounts. Other options are to search online for coupons at sites like or

Overview: click here to get started.

Step 1: Contact us via email ( or phone (844-782-6963) to make an appointment. Or you can book directly online – click the “BOOK NOW” button.

Step 2: Fill out the new patient packet by clicking “FORMS” on the top menu. Select the correct form under “New Patients.”

Step 3: Make your payment online or over the phone to confirm your appointment. Our appointment slots fill quickly.

Step 4: After our providers review your intake, one of new patient care coordinators will call to confirm your appointment and go over any questions you may have.


Adult Psychiatry, Pain Management, & Addiction You Can Rely On

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