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- Kayla B.; 07/2020
Absolutely great place! Staff is very genuine and talk to you as a person not just a patient. I highly recommend!
- E. J.
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- D. C.
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- M. A.
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- Delna. C.
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- C. F.
- M. L.
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- R. S.
- G. W.
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- Anonymous
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- Anonymous
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- A. W.
- Anonymous
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- T. H.
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"Dr. Arora and his staff treated me with such care the moment I walked in. He identified the source of the pain quickly, explained the procedure thoroughly, and I felt very comfortable I was in good hands. 
- Ladan B.
"Dr. Arora is an excellent pain doctor! He listens to your problems, helps you understand what is going to do, and makes proper decisions. Dr. Arora listens to what you have to say and takes the time! His Staff is the best, they help you and they respect you and they are lovely. I highly recommend them, definitly! ”
- Ralph C.
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- Lisette O. (google)
"Easy to talk to, works around your schedule, and helps to achieve your goals. Great all around., would recommend him to family and friends. 
Mike B.
"Spent time with me, explained my diagnosis in detail and the treatment plan. I had abdominal pain that was not treated for years and he did a nerve block and I had no pain for the first time!
- J. A.
- Theresa P.
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- Terry A.
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"Very caring people, first class in my book, Dr Stewart is just as caring as Dr Arora, great team.”
- Ray B.
"Heaven sent, love Dr. Arora! He's an inspiration, thank you for being my Dr.!”
- John J.
"You all are so caring, thank you Dr. Arora!”
- Ray M.
"Glad you are here, you guys do a great job and a much needed service to our community.”
- Shayna R. 
"Everyone was so kind and understanding! The receptionist is great and so is the nurse practitioner and the doctor!”
- Mauricio R.
"You guys are so kind and professional, you make it easy to visit the doctor's office. Don't change a thing, thank you!”
- Mary A.
- Garry T.
"Had a great experience. Dr. Stewart was very helpful, and knowledgeable regarding my wife’s condition. We’re very happy. Finally found a Doctor to grab the bull by the horns. Dr. Arora has a very good man working with him. We’ll see you soon. Thanks”
- Jason J.
"Wonderful doctor, never met any pain doctor like him, pleasant to talk to, very compassionate, and knows his stuff! The wait time sometimes can be long.”
- Jenny A.