Care Clinic is happy to announce the availability of remote urine screen testing for telemedicine appointments!

We want to thank you for your continued trust in our care, and commend you on your commitment to your health, continued healing, and recovery during these times.

Due to the unprecedented switch to telemedicine visits this year, we have searched diligently for a cost effective way to administer your urine screen. We heard your requests. We understand that labs can be expensive and inconvenient, and for this reason are pleased that you can now complete your urine screen in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

A few things to keep in mind:

1. Urine screens are required by state and federal governments in the regulation of controlled substance prescriptions.

2. This is a temporary measure implemented for everyone’s safety, made to be more convenient and cost efficient than a lab. If you prefer a lab setting, you are welcome to this choice and we will provide a lab order at your request. We simply do not want you to incur unnecessary fees.

3. Our in-clinic urine screens will resume as soon as soon as in-person appointments do, and as always our in-clinic screens will be included with your visit. We hope to resume in-person appointments very soon. We miss you just as much as you miss us! The remote screen option will continue to be offered to telemedicine appointments.

4. The money paid is to cover the cost of the test kit and is not for the clinic. We have worked very hard to find a low cost viable option for our patients, and will continue to look for ways to cut costs. At the Care Clinic we are committed to your health. In order to make the remote kits accessible to our patients, in addition to the fee that you pay, we are covering a portion of each test kit ordered, to help offset costs for our patients and bring them to you at this most minimal cost.

5. Please do not open the test kit when it is delivered. Read and follow the remote urine screen instructions below. These instructions can also be heard 24/7 by calling the office at (844) 782-6963 ext 7. If you have any questions, please contact the office.


“We CARE about getting you back to your best self!”

Home UDS Instructions

Step 1

Order kit online or call the office - MUST ORDER AT LEAST 7 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE APPOINTMENT

Order Here



Receive your kit in the mail, DO NOT OPEN until your appointment time

Step 3

During your appointment, complete urine screen within 2 MINUTES

Step 4

Discuss results with your provider


  1. Please order your test online by submitting your payment at: www.careclinicmd.com/payments or call the office to get help with your order. You must do this no later than 10 DAYS BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT.
  2. Once you complete your order by the deadline, you should receive your urine kit prior to your appointment. Any kits ordered past the deadline are not guaranteed for arrival prior to appointment time.
  3. You must notify us within 24 hrs of your uds kit arrival.
  4. Leave the test kit unopened until the time of your visit. 
  5. During your video visit, you will be asked to open the package on screen.
  6. Once opened, you will have 2 (two) minutes to provide the urine sample.
  7. The provider or technician will record and/or take a picture of your results to be entered into your chart.
  8. Your provider will discuss the results at your visit.

Please note, your urine sample and results will be considered NULL AND VOID in the following circumstances:

  • If the package is opened prior to your visit
  • If there is any suspicion of tampering with the package or urine sample

If you are found in violation of the above rules, you will, at a minimum, require repeat testing, up to 3 tests in a 7 day period, at your own expense. If repeat offenses are found, you may be discharged from the clinic and referred to a higher level of care.

Lab Order Instructions

Step 1

Request lab order AT LEAST 1 WEEK before appointment, either online or call the office.

Order Here

Step 2

Must visit lab & complete urine screen AT LEAST 3 DAYS before appointment.

Step 3

Discuss results with your provider


  1. Please order your test online by submitting your request: here or call the officethis request must be made at least 10 days prior to your appointment.
  2. Your lab order will automatically be transmitted to Labcorp or Quest Diagnostics.
  3. Your urine screen should be completed with the lab at least 3 DAYS prior to your appointment to give the lab enough time to forward the results to our office.
  4. Your provider will discuss the results at your visit.


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